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  This section contains the Achievements.

Why I should be a Member of AIGIFWA?

The Association was founded in the year 1965.

During 1970-71, We jointly with other Association, struggled for Nationalisation.

The Association was instrumental in stalling the termination of more than 400 Development Officers in 1979.

Protesting against the deteriorating customer service held 24 hours dharna in front of the residence of the then Prime Minister Mrs.Indira Gandhi in 1980.

Protesting against 1976 Scheme one day hunger strike was held in front of GIC,Mumbai in 1982.

In 1986 went on a hunger strike in front of the residence of Mr.Janardhan Poojari, then Minister of State for Finance, resulting in a meeting at his residence, forcing him to direct Mr.Ashok Goenka then Chairman GIC to call us for talks.

Due to our efforts Scheme amended in 1987. Terminations withdrawn - Decrement formula introduced-Minimum growth for increment withdrawn- Growth, Profit Incentives & CSPI introduced- Inspectors designated as Development Officers

In the Second Amendment of Scheme in 1991, due to AIGIFWA efforts, restoration of decrement formula introduced. Increment made automatic unless facing decrement.

In 1993 GIC proposed amendments to bring back 1976 Scheme. AIGIFWA held 36 hr. hunger strike in front of National H.O. and one day hunger strike in front of UIIC H.O. While other Associations boycotted, AIGIFWA discussed with GIC and made them withdrew their proposals in writing.

During 1996 Scheme revision, we made the GIC to relax cost for certain category.

During the last Scheme revision also, we ensured that, we were placed above the Sr. Asst. level. Also We achieved stagnation Increment.

During every Wage and Non-core revision, We have gone to Finance Ministry and made the GIC to revise the offer in our favour.

During Jan 2001 meeting of GIPSA while others were spectators, We forced GIPSA to withdraw their proposals to re-introduce the 1976 Scheme.

Due to continuous interaction, We made the GIPSA propose two more options in the form of VRS and Development Officers (Administration) during January 2002 talks.

On 13.6.2002, Our Central Secretariat met Mr.Bujpal, Director (Insurance), Ministry of Finance and held discussions on all aspects concerning Development Officers and our Industry.

Due to our continuous follow-up, the Scheme with SVRP & Admin. Options were introduced in January 2003. While every one were confusing the Development Officers, it is only AIGIFWA that came out with pros and cons of the options and also the specific aspects that each and every Development Officer has to prod over before exercising the options.

On wage revision on 11th September 2005 GIPSA made their final offer and expressed their inability to go for Notification due to stay order in the Supreme Court case. While none of the litigants in the case took any steps to resolve the issue, AIGIFWA only filed a writ petition in the Supreme Court and obtained order for permitting management to finalise wage revision.

While AIGIFWA accepted for the 11th September 2005 offer of GIPSA that for TMP, who initially refused citing Court Case suggested on modalities like transfer of Development Officers who exceeded cost for three years or likely to exceed cost for the third year. This is a dangerous proposition. Because of their action, GIPSA now put a clear cut TMP in our Scheme. Now it is again left to the responsibility of AIGIFWA to ensure that Development Officers are protected from transfer threat.

AIGIFWA’s justifiable charter on Non-core made the Management accept it almost fully w.e.f. 1.4.2008.

Again AIGIFWA is fighting for rectification of anomalies with the impending wage revision.


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